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Eat, Drink, and Give Thanks


Every fall we get invited to Thanksgiving dinners. Some of us go to our family’s homes, others celebrate the holiday with friends. What matters the most is spending the holiday with the people that we love. To show them how much your care about them, and as thanks for cooking, make sure to bring a Thanksgiving hostess gift to the party!

Show gratitude with a bouquet of flowers. Our florists at Fashion Flowers in Lancaster, CA, are here to help you find the perfect flower arrangement to show gratitude. A handcrafted bouquet or centerpiece such as the Classic Table Centerpiece will bring a smile to the Thanksgiving hostess and let them know how much to love them.

A set of coasters is also a great Thanksgiving hostess gift idea. They are a perfect addition to any home, and something that most hosts forget to buy. You can go to your favorite home decor store and get some fall themed coasters. This small gift will let your hostess know you are grateful for their hospitality and that you won't leave rings on the table!

A basket of fruit is a great hostess Thanksgiving gift! Fruits are tasty as well as good for you, making them a great choice for those health-conscious friends and family members. For less health-conscious friends, berries and fruits still go well garnishing cakes and drinks! You can never go wrong with some fresh seasonal fruits!

Don’t show empty handed this Thanksgiving dinner. Show your hostess how grateful you are with a small token of appreciation. Our florist at Fashion Flowers in Lancaster, CA, are here to help you find the perfect fall floral arrangement to express how thankful you are. Remember to put the giving on Thanksgiving!

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