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FALLing in Love with White for Weddings


I’m dreaming of white in weddings. Go beyond the long white dress and consider the possibilities. White accented weddings draw the eye in. Beyond the beauty of the color scheme is an accent that is a perfect complement to a fall wedding color palette. Let our florists at Fashion Flowers in Lancaster, CA help you make your fall wedding dreams come true.

The Simply Lily-White is just one example of how white can completely bring out the beauty in a wedding. White was chosen for a bride to wear because of its meaning of purity. Why not add that into more than just the traditional. Adding a touch of white into a flower arrangement or into your fall wedding color palette is bound to make your wedding stand out.

White accents a beautiful way to add to wedding invites. Your fall wedding color palette will be made even more beautiful with some simple white touches. White borders add an elegant simplicity. White words will pop on a beautiful fall wedding color palette.

White tablecloths are an easy and cost-effective way to add white accent to your fall-inspired color palette. While tablecloths give you a blank canvas to work with. Use accents from your fall wedding color palette. The white base is elegant and will draw attention the fall wedding details. Plus, white tablecloths are always cheaper!

Let our florists at Fashion Flowers in Lancaster, CA help you add a beautiful touch to your fall wedding. There is no denying the beauty of a fall wedding palette. It can only be made more beautiful with the right accent. We are here to help with beautiful flowers.

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