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PAL-entine's Day

Grab your pals and start storing snacks because PAL-entine's Day is a holiday we can all get behind. We have all heard of Singles Awareness Day. It’s a day for everyone to resonate with their singleness, but we can’t forget about all those independent people out there who have yet to find their Mr. or Mrs. Right. Let our florists at Fashion Flowers in Lancaster, CA, help make this PAL-entine's Day a day for the guys or the girl friends in your life in the best way we know how.

Our pink rose bouquet flower arrangement is a great gift to give that girl you who has friend zoned you this Valentine’s Day. It is hard to step out of what is comfortable, so you can express your feelings. This flower arrangement is casual enough to go anywhere while remaining romantic enough to show your true feelings. This PAL-entine's day is your opportunity to step out because you never know where a leap of faith can take you.

Paintball- that’s right. Gather up some friends and celebrate Singles Awareness Day with an intense game of paintball. Take out your frustrations by shooting capsules of paint at your closest friends-military style. The game of paintball is well loved among adventure seekers and true outdoor enthusiasts. This Singles Awareness Day just gained some color. Paint your own picture this PAL-entine's Day in a fun and competitive way. We can all get behind paintball fights. You can run, but you can’t hide from Valentine’s Day. Might as well make it fun!

Check out a new, hip restaurant downtown this Singles Awareness Day. Get to know your city this Singles Awareness Day. Fly solo or invite some friends. PAL-entine's Day is your opportunity to get together and enjoy time with each other. Take the opportunity to be a tourist in your own city. Go somewhere new, explore new restaurants or take a drive through downtown. Make this Singles Awareness Day memorable with the people you care about most.

Our florists at Fashion Flowers in Lancaster, CA, are here to help make this PAL-entine's Day the best one yet. Gather up the guys for a guy's night out or take a chance and ask your best girl friend out. The moment is now, and we want to help. Make this PAL-entine's Day a day to remember in the most beautiful way.

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